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Happy Holidays!

Just went to Walmart and seen these and thought they were the cutest things. I also picked up Louis because Niall was sold out

can someone resize one of these gifs for me (254x257) ?

Title: Rock Me
Artist: One Direction
Played: 1209 times

Rock Me- One Direction

This needs to stop, Do you not realize, that your jokes have gone too far and its hurting people. Im sick of seeing Louis upset, and its quite shocking because i thought all of you are against bullying but then you sit here and bully Louis, Harry, and Eleanor, i cant describe to you how pathetic you are for doing this. If Louis were gay or if he wasn’t why would he come out to fans who treat him like this. Can we not just accept he has a girlfriend and he truly loves her, Louis, nor Eleanor should have to deal with this on a daily basis. I know Louis and Harry both said that all this Larry Stylinson drama is ruining their friendship because they dont like reading about it, and they dont like hanging out in public anymore because of the fans who believe they are together. How do you think Jay feels, reading about how her son is gay and his girlfriend is a ”beard” do you think any parent would like reading that about their child… I didnt think so. Also this ”beard” crap needs to stop now. I have nothing to say but stop, its childish and immature. The death treats you send El daily are ridiculous, respect her, you dont have to love her but you do have to respect her. I may be the only one who notices but Harry plays along with this Larry Stylinson drama, he enjoys it because he thinks its funny. When drama goes so far that the boys have to tweet about its embarrassing, and its not a fandom i dont want to be apart of. Simply THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK

Zayn im sorry there are so many dumb people who live on making other peoples life miserable. i love you babe xx :)

Zayns new tattoo is obviously refuring to him and being so sexual… Wait

lets just take a minute to look at this picture

does someone wanna help me out and tell me when is this with the boys filming a new documentary, i seen tons of pictures of camera men following them around but…. does anyone know?

Nickelodeon will be playing a year in the making saturday, 7/8 central. I am for some reason very excited because I have always had to watch it on my iPod. click the link to enter for a chance to win a trip to New York to see the boys and win a extreme shopping haul. May the odd be in your favor.


I had the best dream in the entire world.

I had a dream that I met Louis and only Louis, he was sitting in the passenger side to a car next to me waiting for his ride so I took my chance ad I was like “I know I will probably never get this chance again, so I need to tell you something. This is probably going to sound do cheesy,..” and then my mom walks up and I’m so mad, so I’m like can we go somewhere a little more personal and he was like sure. So we are in now my yard walkin to the back , and I’m like “okay this going to sound way cheesy but I want you to know that you and the guys seriously saved my life, and by the point my crying. I tell him “I was like mid going, an something stopped me and I seen a baby picture of you and I couldn’t” and he said “well I’ll do it again” (not really sure why he said that) but then he hugged me and rubbing my back and I was crying in his shoulder, and by the time I was done he missed his ride, so I felt bad but he said it was worth it. As we were walking back up, he was like “what’s your twitter again?” so I told him “kyleelovesyou1” then he said ill be on at like 2 or 3 so ill see you then and he kept repeating it to remember it, and we got a picture and he runs in my house and then put again and lets the dog out so I was chasing it around, and Louis ride was finally here and I was walking my do to the car and shoving my face with a cupcake I think, I here a “hi kylee” and I turn and it’s Niall and old friend kyler but I couldn’t say hi because my mouth was full so I just waved and went in. That was honestly the best dream ever. That’s all I want is to tell Louis personally he saved my life and just thank him. I woke up feeling like I was about to cry.