Wedding Bells. LORD fUCK oFMG WHY, NILEY FEEls all ovEER AGiannnnnnnnnnnnnn

Exactly two years ago today I seen the Jonas brothers and Demi Lovato in concert. These last two years flew by so fast and I want them back. I want summer 2010 back. first day of the tour :}

Just popping in to say I miss all of yOu guys and I will be back in three days. If you could please tell me what I missed.

Including everyone. Demi. Jonas brothers. One direction. Maybe send me some pictures. I probably won’t be on again. Please. ???

could you imagine if nick just showed up at my show. i would shoot someone, shit myself, die, and stalk them to death. just saying

I was just watching the Jonas brothers singing when you look me in the eyes on Ellen and years were swelling up and I got the chills, I just can’t even believe how grown up they are. I miss old times but I’m ready for the ones that come along with new memories. Fly with me and when you look me in the eyes just set my emotions off

Pick 10 artists that you love before reading the questions.

1. One direction

2. Little Mix

3. Cher Lloyd

4. Demi Lovato

5. Ed Sheeran

6. Olly Murs

7. Jonas Brothers

8. Cheryl cole

9. Justin Bieber

10. Selena Gomez

What was the first song that you heard by 6?
His first single - Please Don’t Let Me Go

What is your favourite song by 8?
Hummingbirds or call my name

What impact has 1 left on your life?
They legitimately saved my life. One young picture of them stopped me. I was mid attempt but something stopped me. I went on here to say my last good byes and tight as i came on ghere was a very old picture and I remember looking at Louis and thinking “I can’t let him down” his smile is everything that keeps me going. I want to personally thank them. That’s all I want. I’m still here today because of that one picture and Louis’ smile. Their songs are so inspirational.

What are your favourite lyrics by 4?
“the mirrior can lie, doesn’t show you what’s inside, it can tell you your full of life, it’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile”

How many times have you seen 5 live?

Favourite song by 7?
Inseparable, enterity, take a breathe, or feelin alive

Song by 3 that makes you sad?
I don’t really have one but beautiful people is incrediable

Favourite song by 9?
One time or one less lonely girl

When did you first get into 2?
This year ;-)

How did you get into 3?
Seen them on the X Factor

Favourite song by 4?
For the love of a daughter, lightweight, believe in me, gift of a friend, world of chances

How many times have you seen 10 live?

What is a good memory involving 6?
Actually realizing I really like him

Song by 2 that makes you sad?
None to be quite honest.

Favourite song by 1?
Omg, this is too hard, moments, more than this, taken, their cover of torn, up all night

any Jonas fan would cry

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I would really love if it involved one direction, jonas brothers and demi..